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Aspirant Pilot Program

An intricate foundation course for our young aspiring aviators.

Designed by Airline pilots and Instructors.

Students Trained

80+ students and counting.

Webinar with Pilots

Learn directly from Pilots.

Affordable Pricing

Get this course at just ₹ 3,900/-

Aspirant Pilot Programme

The allure of the open skies has captured the hearts of countless young aspirants who dream of becoming pilots. However, the path to realizing this dream can seem complex and daunting. Introducing our groundbreaking Aspirant Pilot Program for aspiring pilots, a program uniquely guided by Instructors, student pilots and seasoned airline pilots from India and abroad. With a wealth of interactive webinars and hands-on sessions, this course provides an unparalleled opportunity for young aviators to kickstart their journey to the cockpit.



1. Study Materials

Easy and handcrafted materials to make your study interesting and improve your knowledge about aviation . Compiled with materials handcrafted by student pilots and airline pilots will make you way towards the cockpit more simpler.

2. Guiding from Within:

The mentorship from Instructors and student pilots is a distinct feature of our course. They've recently walked the path that aspirants are embarking upon, making them uniquely relatable guides. They share not only practical tips but also the emotional nuances of the pilot's journey, giving aspirants a well-rounded understanding of the challenges and triumphs they can expect.

3. Navigating the Requirements:

Becoming a pilot requires meeting specific criteria and qualifications. Our course includes informative sessions that break down the prerequisites step by step. Whether it's understanding the educational qualifications, DGCA requirements, flight hours, or medical assessments, aspirants receive clear guidance on what it takes to don those pilot wings.

4. Insights from the Cockpit:

Webinars are the heartbeat of our course. Led by experienced airline pilots, these virtual sessions provide a deep dive into various facets of becoming a pilot. From understanding the aviation industry's landscape to deciphering the intricacies of flight planning, these webinars provide a comprehensive overview that enriches aspiring pilots' knowledge.

In conclusion, The Aspirant Pilot Program offers a transformative learning experience for young aspirants with dreams of becoming pilots. Guided by student pilots and mentored by seasoned airline pilots and Instructors, this course is a perfect blend of practical insights and theoretical knowledge. With webinars, interactive sessions, and networking opportunities, it provides a comprehensive roadmap for navigating the complexities of the aviation industry. If you're looking to embark on a journey to the skies, let our Aspirant Pilot Program be your guiding star. The cockpit awaits your arrival, and we're here to help you reach it.

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