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The ground class fees as stated on FEE STRUCTURE shall be payable to Root To Sky for availing the online classes according to the Installment plan.

If Taking Individual Classes:

Full fees payable prior to start of class, the amount of money paid shall be in accordance to the Subject Enrolled for.

Click here For FEE LIST of Individual Classes

Refund Policy (Single / Particular Subjects)

1. Fees shall not be not refundable at any circumstances, unless as stated in Point 2.

2. Student may claim a 50% Refund, if he/she withdraws at least 15 Days before Ground Classes start.


If Taking All 3 Subjects or CPL Route Program



1. Registration fees of INR 25,000/- Upon Admission

2. INR 40,000/- Second Payment, 2 weeks after Class Starts. [If Taking Ground Classes]

Refund Policy 

Eligible Refunds are to be processed within 20-25 Days

1. Registration Fees shall not be refundable at any circumstances, unless as stated in Point 

2. Student may only claim 40% refund if he/she withdraws at least 15 days before ground class starts.

3. For students enrolled only for Flying Abroad, shall be eligible for only 50% refund on paid Registration fees (INR 25,000) , if seat is cancelled within 2 days of payment. Student shall not be eligible for a full refund at any circumstances. The refund policy stated for cancellation of seat within 2 days is a strict policy and shall not be relaxed for even a single extra day.

RTS Aviation shall not refund the Fees paid for any other requested reason unless stated in the policies above. 

Degradation or Failure of Medicals at later stage is not a responsibility of RTS Aviation, and we are not liable for refund of any paid fees towards registration or ground classes.

RTS AVIATION devotes to quality education and coaching classes, and promise to deliver services as promised for the paid fees. Student may complaint towards any unsatisfaction and we shall try our best to improve on the same.

Refund Policy for 2nd Installment Fee Payment

Second Installment of fee for all cases stated above is paid towards Ground Coaching and is paid 2 weeks after class commencement. This fees is non refundable at all circumstances. Students discontinuing or not attending the coaching class are free to re-appear at any next batches, but are not eligible for refund.


Fee amounts of previous batches [less or greater than currently published amount shall follow the same Refund Policies published now. In case, any Previous students have not attended full duration of coaching, may re-appear at any other batch of choice.

Liabilities of RTS Aviation (Root To Sky Aviation)

We are an Online DGCA coaching class and Instagram portal for guidance on pilot training based on personal experience and available knowledge.

RTS Aviation is liable to provide online coaching/ tuitions for DGCA Ground classes and guide about DGCA Procedures to it's best knowledge.

For students going for flying in ARGENTINA, RTS shall only help in coordinating the admission process, Interview and Doubt clearing about the school as a consultant. RTS shall also guide the student about Visa documentations with help of sample formats. Rejection or delay in visa, change in government protocols or Flight cancellations to Argentina is not an a responsibility of RTS Aviation. RTS aviation is not responsible for any financial transaction between the student and the flying academy. RTS aviation is  not responsible for any financial transaction between the student and the partnered flying academy or any other third party company/ agency or individual.

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