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CPL in 28-29L*

260 Flight hours 
with ME & IR

Includes Accommodation 

12+ Active Aircrafts.

What We Offer?

Commercial pilot programme

We present to you India's most affordable and Cheapest Pilot Training Program in India. Not only we took care of your budget but we focus on the quality. Now don't let your finance stop you from getting world class Pilot Training under the best guidance.


✈  DGCA GROUND CLASSES: We have included your DGCA ground classes in the course so that you don't have to wander around for Indian License Conversion

✈  ZERO-CPL with Multi Engine and Instrument Rating: Your entire flight training from zero to 255+ Flying Hours and all Check-ride, Examination and Pilot Kit cost.


✈ ACCOMMODATION: Your world class accommodation is included in the price during your CPL in Argentina


Option to complete 80% Training in Argentina and Rest in U.S.A at the partner base to get a FAA License.

Contact Us for more Details.

AIRCRAFTS USED: Cessna 150/ 152, Cessna 172, Tecnam P-2008, Tecnam 2002 & Pa-34 Multi Engine.

RTS AVIATION Acts as counselling and marketing partner on behalf of the ANAC Approved Flight Training Center.

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